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MOTHER aims to bring you accessible organic plant based food in an eco conscious environment.

Our cafe is based in Hackney wick and although this is our only current location we try our best to reach as many people as possible. MOTHER is feeding the revolution, for health, and the wealth of the planet. Less waste, more love, there is no time but the present to be aware and awake. 


Its time we looked at the message and realised its crucial and joyous to be apart of positive change to reverse the damage already made to our MOTHER earth, one plant based meal at a time. It starts with you. Your choice to support this cause, to get on board because everyone deserves healthy food that makes you feel good and in turn makes the earth feel good. 

MOTHER opened its doors in 2016 with a passion to make wholesome plant-based food that doesn't cost the earth. Our cafe is pushing daily to be less wasteful, so we create our menu around this philosophy. We have a zero waste store inside, our products are organic and we offer recyclable environmentally friendly takeaway packaging. Our juices, kombucha and bottled drinks are all packaged in glass and we offer discounts for bringing your bottle back.

We are always looking for ways to expand so please email us if you would like to collaborate or be a part of MOTHER. Our arms are open to everyone.